What type of roofing materials do you use?
For asphalt shingles we typically use GAF since we are a GAF certified installer. This means that we can offer a limited lifetime warranty on the material and labor. We can also use any other roofing products our customers are looking for..

How can we get an estimate?
You can submit your estimate through our website form on our contact page or by calling our main phone number (804) 317-2451 to talk more in detail about your project goals. .

Do we have to be out of the house when you are replacing the roof?
No, you do not have to be out of the house during the roof replacement process..

Can I remove ice from my roof?
You can remove ice from your roof, but you always want to be very careful if there is ice. There may be spots of black ice that you cannot see which could cause you to slip and fall off the roof, you can trust an experienced professional to do the job as well to avoid any potential injury.

How do you calculate the amount of shingles I will need for my roof?
The calculation for finding the amount of shingles you will need for your roof is actually very simple equation that you probably learned in grade school! This equation is the Area (sq footage) Length x Width.

Why is there discoloration in my roof?
The biggest reason that there could be discoloring in your roof is from Algae. Algae can form on your roof over time which causes streaks or stains. If you are looking to replace your roof, you are in luck. The new GAF Timberline HDZ shingles have a algae resistant chemical in them that can prevent algae for an extended period of time, to find out more about this give us a call today at (804) 317-2451.

What kind of ventilation can I use on my roof?
There are multiple ways to ventilate your roof. The most popular way is to add Ridge Vent to your new roof. There are other ventilation systems like Power fans and turbine vents.

Should I paint my house before siding takes place?
If you are looking to have your siding replaced on your home, there is no need to paint it beforehand.

Will siding crack or fade?
Each siding manufacturer has different warranties on their product. We would be more than happy to go over different products and help you find the best one to fit.

How often do I need to replace siding?
Depending on the type of siding and the preventative maintenance that has been done to it can determine how often you need to replace it. Feel free to give us a call to discuss further.

Is a full siding job the only option?
Not necessarily, let's say you had a storm come through and it blew off siding on one side of the house. As long as we can match the siding as close as possible we can replace just that elevation.

Do you also work with gutters?
Yes, we repair and replace gutters. We also offer 2 types of gutter guards for your home.

What siding material do you recommend using?
We recommend using Vinyl siding, or Fiber cement siding for durability and longevity.

Is there Maintenance involved after a siding job?
Typically the only maintenance you would have to do if you choose a hardboard siding is paint. But typically outdoor paints last about 15 years.

My home was damaged by hail, what is the turn time to fix this?
If your home was damaged by hail the first step is to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company. They will send an adjuster out to assess the damage, if they find damage they will then write up an estimate for everything they found. You then call us and we will replace/repair everything they have found for the same amount that the insurance adjuster sent you the estimate for. The turnaround time from claim to finish is typically 1 month, depending on the amount of work.

I got my check from the insurance adjuster for hail damage, now what?
If you have received the check from your insurance adjuster, now is the time to call us. We will walk you through all of the steps to complete your project.

Will you work with my insurance company to help me move forward with my roofing job?
We will most certainly assist you with your insurance claim.

What sets you apart from your competition?
Efficiency and Professionalism sets us apart from our competition. We started our business off of those two pillars and will always stick with them. There will always be things that go wrong on any given project, but the difference is we address them and take care of them. Whether or not it costs us money.